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TheStarkNet was founded by web developer Todd Stark in 2005. These many years of experience have allowed TSN to excel at every phase of building a website — from design and development, to marketing and accessibility.

Strategy, Wireframes + Content

We get started by discussing the objectives and audience for your website. We will work together to create content for the site, then create the wireframes. The site's different sections will be determined, and you can share designs that you love... or don't.

Visual Design

Once we decide upon the layout and sections, I will create a design mockup, showing you how the website will look and feel.

Web Development

Once you sign off on the designs, we will move on to turning it into a functioning website, using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This could also potentially include a content management system, web forms, e-commerce capabilities, and API interaction.

SEO + Speed Tests

Your site will be coded and presented using best practices for high placement in search engines. It will also be checked using Google PageSpeed to make sure it runs as fast as possible (important for ranking), and Google Analytics access will be provided to give you detailed information about your site's visits.

Accessibility Reviews

Website accessibility for those with disabilities is critical, and ADA compliance can be mandatory for businesses. Using multiple types of specialized software, I will run detailed scans on your website to ensure all WCAG 2.0 AA criteria are met.

Web Marketing

Once your site is complete, it's time to get it out there. I will create or refine your Google Business profile, critical for any business with a physical location. We will determine whether it makes sense to create profiles on directories like Yelp, and if we’d like to take it to the next level, we can also look into Google and social media ads.

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